Handwashing the Best Preventive Measure

Direct contact to the carrier of a certain disease will be the start of an impending infection; this can either be mild or severe. Infections have strong pathogens that will deplete the immune system especially if the person is not taking any vitamin supplements to boost. The best method to prevent is always performing handwashing wherever you go.  Keep in mind that there’s a technique when doing handwashing. Just sing the song “Happy Birthday” twice, once you started singing get a soap (any kind of soap will do except detergent) turn on the faucet and lather it on both hands. Carefully scrub each fingers and rub together, and then in running water remove the soap from the wrist to the finger tips. Get a clean towel and expose to air your hands just for about two minutes. Usually, when do we perform handwashing?, always remember that this must be perform before any activity such as special hospital procedures like treating the wounds because ninety nine percent (99%) the wound may be infected if the hands are dirty. It is also important to perform handwashing before and after using the comfort room because it is where the pathogens usually harbors and multiply therefore the rate of getting a certain bacteria increases. When preparing the food always wash hands and keep in mind that proper food handling must be done because if failed to do so gastrointestinal problems will occur. It is very necessary to wash our hands before removing contact lenses because when a debris or microorganism is present in our eyes it will usually cause major problems such as blindness. If you’re in a public place and there’s no chance to wash your hands always carry a hand sanitizer or a rubbing alcohol just make it sure that the content is seventy percent solution (70%).  Maybe you will think it’s a very simple procedure to do but a lot of people are not able to do it that’s  the cases of typhoid fever, diarrhea and other diseases tends to increase not just every year but also every month. Be more health conscious by doing handwashing as a practice so that the chance of getting a disease is low. It is better to take preventive measures than do end up in the hospital paying antibiotics that almost spend the money you should be investing. Remember the old saying prevention is always better than cure.




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