Wedding In Bliss

Every woman in the world always want to be the most beautiful bride in their wedding day and as part of it is putting their dream wedding into reality. Now, let me share with you my experience witnessing a “Big Day” for two people deeply in love. When i was 16, it is my first time to be part of the secondary sponsors as a bridesmaid of my cousins wedding day. For almost half year of preparation I can say that their wedding can be compared to celebrity weddings and a very unique in every way. The wedding theme is traditional because as a whole blooded Filipino they want to follow the old ways on how to celebrate a wedding. When you say traditional, it’s an old way pertaining to the dress code, food preferences, the reception and even the language is being chosen. They also choose a old church somewhere in the north because they believed that most of the old churches are built in that area for more than a century already. It was a simple wedding but have a high impact on every person’s eye. The aisle is decorated with old fashion pink fans, with a pink carpet filled with white rose petals. They also choose the theme color Pink because it symbolizes happiness and contentment. When the entourage started to make their way to the aisle, first in line was the groom. The groom is wearing a traditional but with a fashion sense of pink barong tagalog the fabric being used was a pina match with a black slacks pants. Next in line was the flower girls, they look like small fairies because they have round tiaras made with fresh flowers match with their baby pink off shoulder ball gowns. Its time for the bridesmaids for their entrance together with their partners it was all perfect match because they are wearing a baby pink haltered A gown with a white belt, the boys are gorgeous in their simple white barong tagalog with a inside pink shirt. For the bride, she was wearing off shoulder mermaid type gown made with charmeuse fabric paired with a gold tiara and a veil with pink beads. All eyes are set on the blushing and gorgeous bride. Even me dreaming that i was the bride. The wedding ceremony was done. The reception follows in their residential house but before leaving the church the guest showered the couple rice for prosperity throughout their married life. In the reception area, it was a buffet style and after eating the guests witness the couples dance and whoever wants to put money in their gowns is welcome. They also eat a slice of cake made of a pure black chocolate and top with an icing of pure white and top with pink flowers. As a token of appreciation of attending their wedding day, they give japanese lanterns. The wedding ceremony and celebration lasted for almost 12 hours because of enjoyment. One day I will also become a bride and I will make it sure that it will be the most special moment in my life.



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